National grid getting 1765 MW from 32 alternative energy projects

October 05, 2022

Some 32 power projects with a 1765 MW cumulative capacity have been commissioned so far in the country under the Alternative Renewable Energy (ARE) Policy.

Out of the total 1765 MW of clean and green energy, the share of wind power projects stood at 1,335 MW followed by six solar power projects with a cumulative capacity of 430 MW, according to a document available with WealthPK.

Some of the 26 wind power projects include 99 MW United Energy Pakistan (Pvt), 49.5 MW FFC Energy Limited, 52.8 MW Sapphire Wind Power, 50 MW each Foundation Wind Energy-I and II, 52.8 MW Master Wind Energy Pvt, 49.5 MW Sachal Energy Pakistan Pvt, 49.735 MW Jhimpir Wind Power Ltd, 49.5 MW each Three Gorges First, Second and Third Wind Farm Ltd and 49.6 MW each Tricon Boston Consulting Corporation Pvt Limited (A), (B) and (C).

Similarly, six solar projects with a cumulative capacity of 430 MW have already been commissioned under the ARE policy and are supplying electricity to the national grid, the document said.

These projects include 100 MW each Quaid-e-Azam Solar Power, Apollo Solar Development Pakistan, Best Green Energy Pakistan and Crest Energy Pakistan, 18 MW Harappa Solar Power and 12 MW AJ Power (Pvt).

Moreover, nine bagasse/biomass-based power projects of 369 MW capacity have also been commissioned. Some of these projects are 120 MW Fatima Energy, 63 MW Chiniot Power, 40 MWRYK Mills and 36 MW Almoiz Industries, the document added.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk