Measures stressed to protect guava orchards

October 05, 2022

Experts from the Sindh Agriculture University have advised guava planters to take measures to protect the groves on the coastal region because of the increase in floodwaters and mealy bugs there. An informative event was arranged by the Department of Entomology, SZAB Agriculture College Dokri on “Future Strategies for mealy bug IPM in Guava orchards after rain and flood situation in Sindh” to address the situation. Mealy bugs have attacked various orchards and other plantations.

“It is very important to address this problem since a lot of agricultural produce has already been washed away in the recent floods. Guava orchards are also at the risk of being infected with pests,” said Prof Dr Sultan Maitlo, Principal of SZAB Agricultural College Dokri. “Sindh Agriculture University and its affiliated colleges are aware of the risks. This is the reason why we have arranged this seminar and we are doing our best with the help of our researchers to find a solution.

Proactive measures are needed and farmers need to understand their responsibility,” he said. Prof Dr Shah Nawaz Khuhro, Chairman of Department of Entomology said that under the directives of Vice Chancellor of Sindh Agriculture University Dr Fateh Marri, this seminar had been organized to assess the possible damage caused by the rains, especially to the guava and groves.  He informed the audience that guava orchards were infected with mealy bug pest.

“Floods and the pests have aggravated the situation, creating a risk that whole seasonal output of guava will be destroyed,” he added. Saeed Ahmed Tunio, who serves as the Deputy Director of the Agriculture Extension Department Larkana, said that “mealy bug infestation had caused more damage to the guava orchards in Larkana than the floods.” He added that “this seminar will help the farmers to find a solution to the problem of mealy bug infestation and protect their yield.”

He said that researchers at universities and agriculture department officials were responsible for guiding the farmers. Dr Ghulam Sarwar Solangi, Dr M Haroon Hullio, Dr Shahjahan Rajput, Asad Solangi and Shabana Naz Mazari also addressed the seminar. Later, Dr Shahnawaz Khuhro also presented recommendations for better management of guava orchards. A large number of professors, agriculture extension officers, growers and students participated in the seminar. 

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk