JICA to distribute 12,500 certified wheat seeds among farmers

November 21, 2022

12,500 bags of certified wheat seeds have been distributed among the farmers of flood affected districts of Nasirabad, Jaffarabad, Soubatpur, Jal Magsi and Kacchi in the Balochistan province. The seeds were provided by the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) through its Pakistan office. The total number of farmers who received the seeds is 2,500 whereas the total land that will be cultivated by these seeds will be almost 12,500 acres.

The provision of seeds will be crucial in the cultivation of wheat crop in the going Rabi season that will reduce the risk of food insecurity in the future since much of the crops have been washed away by the floods and large tracts of land are still inundated. The seeds have been provided after the devastating floods across Pakistan this monsoon wreaked havoc across the country.

They destroyed crops, washed away critical communications infrastructure, killed thousands of people and made millions homeless. Millions of people have been pushed below the poverty line and many more are threatened from rising prices and depleted food reserves. According to the Rapid Needs Assessment (RNA) report conducted by the government and Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) Pakistan, in Balochistan province alone, 4,972 km2 of agricultural area (1,228,531 acres, 15% of the total agriculture area in Balochistan) has been inundated of which the Nasirabad District is the most severely affected.

Similarly, the Post Disaster Needs Assessment (PDNA) report has called for immediate intervention in favor of small and medium scale farmers. It said that they need to be provided with seeds, technical equipment to clear land for cultivation, and other essential inputs like fertilizers so that this Rabi season does not go to waste. Assistance from the Japanese organization came after a request was made by the provincial government of Balochistan to that end.

Similarly, Mr Yasumitsu Kinoshita of the JICA Pakistan office and Mr Abdul Wahab Kakhar, Director General, Directorate of Agriculture Extension, Government of Balochistan, also agreed to increase cooperation to ensure food security in the province through the JICA’s ongoing project “The Project for Capacity Development of Agriculture Extension Services in Balochistan Province.”

JICA in collaboration with Taraqee Foundation, a local relief organization in Balochistan, has conducted the initial assessment of the affected farmers. They concluded that 2,500 farmers need their support and that 5 bags of certified wheat seeds will be provided for 5 acres of land in the specified districts.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk