Govt using all means to advance industry: minister

January 18, 2023

State Minister for Industries and Production Tasneem Ahmed Qureshi has said the federal government is making use of all available resources to advance and improve the industry, a crucial component of the national economy. He made this statement at the opening ceremony for the Sargodha Industrial Park and the furniture restoration projects run by the Pakistan Industrial Development Corporation (PIDC).

According to Tasneem Qureshi, the Sargodha Industrial Park would be crucial to the industrial growth of the region by giving residents of the neighbourhood job possibilities. He said that PIDC provides crucial services for the country's industrial growth. A contemporary training facility, uninterrupted power and gas, as well as all the amenities needed for an industrial area, will also be present in the park, he added.

According to the minister, construction on the Sargodha Industrial Park project had been halted for a number of reasons in 2013, but has now been restarted by the government. Tasneem Qureshi said that the industrial park covers a 100-acre area, all barriers to the project have been eliminated, and money has been made available for the development work.

Rizwan Ahmed Bhatti, the PIDC's chief executive officer, stated that the organisation's primary goal is to support industrial sectors with the potential to advance. The PIDC has begun work on creating the newest industrial parks in the country in order to offer the industrial sector with the essential amenities, he added. So far, six parks are under construction. He said that the Sargodha Industrial Park and a project to restore furniture are the two PIDC projects currently being completed in Sargodha.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk