FTO resolves 5,000 complaints of taxpayers in 10 months

November 24, 2022


Yasir Rashid

Federal Tax Ombudsman (FTO) Asif Mahmood Jah has said that more than 5,000 complaints of taxpayers have been settled in the last 10 months.

He shared this information during a cheques-distribution ceremony at the Rawalpindi Chamber of Commerce and Industry (RCCI). He was invited to give away the sales tax refunds to the buyers of Suzuki cars who benefited from the reduced tax scheme.

Asif Mehmood said that complaints were submitted to the FTO’s office through online methods like WhatsApp, email and even on plain paper.

He informed the audience that, a 5% reduction in sales tax from 17% to 12% necessitated the reimbursement of the additional amount paid by the buyers. Extra 5% paid by the customers amounted to a considerable sum and therefore the government felt obligated to return it, he added.

He also said that 81 Federal Board of Revenue appeals against the FTO’s decision were dismissed by the President, adding that on the complaints of vehicle owners, the FTO returned the 5% more tax collected, back to the owners.

RCCI group leader Sohail Altaf during his speech thanked Asif Jah for his leadership role in helping the businesses and taxpayers with their problems.

The ceremony was also attended by the President of RCCI Saqib Rafiq; Group Leader Sohail Altaf; Senior Vice President Muhammad Hamza Sarosh; Vice President Faisal Shehzad; Small Chamber President Tariq Jadoon; President of Women Chamber Riffat Shaheen; former President Zahid Latif Khan; executive members, and other chamber members.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk