Farmers advised to immediately begin sunflower cultivation

February 03, 2023

A spokesperson for the Agriculture Department has warned farmers that planting their sunflower crop after February 15 may result in lower output. Sunflower is a significant crop and it has the potential to substantially reduce the import of edible oil. The crop's favourable market value may also assist producers in easing their money problems, said the spokesperson.

He recommended producers to begin sunflower cultivation right away and finish it by the middle of February because it was the optimal time to do so. The spokesman asserted that timely crop cultivation will promote healthy plant and grain growth, in turn increasing per-acre output. Late seeding may reduce yields by reducing grain quality and quantity. He advised growers to use seed from authorised hybrid sunflower varieties, such as FH-331, Hysun-33, NKS-278, T-40318 Agora-4, S-278, Orisun-516, Orisun-675, Orisun-701, and Orisun-7.

Credit: Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk