Experts urged to help increase export of meat

December 02, 2022

Vice Chancellor of Sindh Agriculture University Dr Fateh Marri said that even though Sindh's agriculture and economy suffered as a result of floods and COVID-19, livestock remained the people's main source of subsistence during these trying times. Addressing the thesis presentation ceremony of a PhD scholar, he said that there is potential for halal foods to reach markets throughout the world, and thus it was important to concentrate on contemporary technology and animal product marketing to increase export, shelf life, and the quality of halal meat. 

Dr. Fateh Marri stated that while halal foods are in high demand worldwide, particularly in Muslim nations, they are currently not exportable for a variety of reasons. He urged the experts to dispel any doubts about the nutritional value of Pakistani halal items sold on the global market through their research. He believed Tariq Khokhar's study will help in the export of halal meat. After the presentation, the vice chancellor was presented with the thesis book from researcher Tariq Ahmad Khokhar's study "Effect of Low Temperature Preservation and Post-Thawing on Chemical Attributes of Buffen, Chevon, and Chicken Meat."


Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk