Businessmen express desire to buy tea, coffee from Ethiopia

November 21, 2022

Businessmen in Pakistan have shown a strong desire to purchase Ethiopian tea and coffee at competitive prices. In a meeting with Ambassador Extraordinary and Plenipotentiary Jemal Beker Abdula, members of a joint delegation from the Federation of Pakistan Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FPCCI) and Pakistan Tea Association expressed their desire for enhanced trade between the two countries.The delegation members apprised the Ambassador of the huge demand for tea and coffee in the country and told him that lack of connectivity, quality control and institutional linkages was a barrier to enhancing the trade.

The Ambassador responded by saying that, “Ethiopian state authorities do not make any compromises on export quality and standards. As for connectivity and institutional linkages, state authorities of both countries are working intensively to develop them.” He said, “cooperation in economic, political and cultural domains is underway between the two countries so that people of both countries can benefit from enhanced trade. We need confidence-building measures to increase the trade.

Ethiopia will sell surplus tea and coffee to Pakistan at affordable prices.” “Ethiopian tea is coming into Pakistan through different channels. Both the governments are working to establish a direct link of trade so that cooperation can be increased into diverse areas,” he added. The Ambassador also said that his government is taking steps to open-up the country to Foreign Direct Investment by initiating institutional, legal, political and economic reforms.

He said, “the Ethiopian Airlines will start its direct flights into Karachi early next year. Exchange of business delegations between the two countries will help in the establishment of trust and in the understanding of business dynamics in each other’s countries.” Jemal Beker underscored that the focus of Ethiopia’s embassy is economic diplomacy, investment, trade, tourism promotion, technological transfer and establishment of the institutional linkages between the two countries.

He said, “governments of both the countries are committed to increasing political cooperation, economic dependency, and people-to-people contacts. In this regard, bilateral trade between the two countries will be increased from USD 78 million to USD 300 million by the end of 2023.” “Pakistan can export rice, pharmaceutical products, medical equipment, sports items and construction material to my country and earn valuable foreign exchange.

In turn, Pakistan can buy tea, coffee, pulses, oilseeds and vegetables from Ethiopia,” he said.Speaking about the recent floods, he said his government is fully committed to working with Pakistan in areas of climate change. He conveyed his deepest sympathies to the visiting delegation on the lives lost and economic damage to the country.

He also said that his government has developed a framework for a green economy by establishing agro-processing centers and utilizing technology to increase agricultural productivity in his country.Pakistan Tea Association assured the Ambassador that they will participate in the business and trade fair to be held in Ethiopia from 16-20 January 2023, to explore trade and business opportunities in his country.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk