1,500 young people trained under CPEC to curb unemployment

November 24, 2022

Uzair bin Farid

As many as 1500 young people have been trained by the CPEC Authority through its e-commerce program to fight unemployment in the country. The statement was made by Director General of China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC) Asif Muneer while addressing a distribution ceremony of job letters to 50 young people who got jobs in international organizations based in China under the program ‘e-skillswise’. “With international partners, we are working hard to impart skills-based knowledge to our young generation so that they can find jobs in IT, digital technologies and e-commerce,” he said. “The main purpose of this program is to train the youth in e-commerce so that they can utilize the mammoth opportunities from online businesses,” he added.

He highlighted the role of China and Chinese companies in helping to make the project a success. He said that youth need to be trained in e-commerce training institutes and for this reason state patronage should be provided to them. He congratulated the graduating youth and advised them to work hard in international institutions to make a good name for themselves and their country. He said, “we will continue to work with China to create programs for the youth so that problems of unemployment could be addressed.”

The ceremony was also attended by the President of e-Skillvisor Dr Nauman Munir and CEO Li Yui Zhou from China. Dr Nauman Munir said that youth trained in e-commerce skills had a success percentage of 68%, adding that they found respectable jobs in international companies around the world. He continued by saying that young people who graduate from this program will keep themselves attached to the program afterwards to train more young people in skills that they have already learnt. “This is the reason why we are able to impart most updated knowledge and skills to the participants of this program. They get immediate jobs in international companies like the 50 graduating students of today’s ceremony,” he added.

Credit : Independent News Pakistan-WealthPk